The Christmas tree. Children's story with values

The Christmas tree. Children's story with values

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On our site we present you the story The Christmas tree, a beautiful story for children about the value of kindness. Being kind is a lesson that we must pass on to our children because, how in this Christmas story, being good to others will make others good to you. Goodness attracts goodness. You can read this short Christmas story aloud to your children to educate them in values.

Once upon a time, a long time ago, an island in which there was a small village. A very poor family lived in that little town. When Christmas was approaching, they did not know how to celebrate it without money.

Then the father of the family began to wonder how he could earn money to spend Christmas night sharing a baked turkey with his family, enjoying the evening by the fire.

He decided he would make some money selling Christmas trees. So the next day he got up very early and went to the mountains to cut some pines.

He went up the mountain, cut down five pine trees and loaded them onto his cart to sell at the market. When there were only two days left until Christmas, no one had bought any of the pines from him yet.

Finally, he decided that since no one was going to buy the firs from him, he would give them to those people poorer than his family. People were very grateful for the gift.

On Christmas night, when he returned home, the man received a great surprise. On the table was a turkey and next to it a small tree.

His wife explained that someone very kind had left this on his door.

That night the man knew that this gift must have been given because of the good work he had done by giving away the fir trees that he cut in the mountain.


(This story has been sent to us by Irene M. Avalos, Bolivia)

1. Why did the father worry days before Christmas?

2. What did the father of the family do to earn some money so that he could eat turkey on Christmas night with his family?

3. Did the father manage to sell the pines he cut in the mountain?

4. What did the father do with the pines?

5. What surprise did the father have when he came home on Christmas night?

6. Why do you think they gave him a Christmas turkey?

7. What did you like most about that story?

8. What have you learned from that story?

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