The best and most effective study method for perfectionist children

The best and most effective study method for perfectionist children

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Each child has his own personality, and therefore, a different way of approaching homework, school work and studying in front of a subject. How would you define your little one? If you are a perfectionist person, that is, with an angry temperament and a person who wants to dominate everything and that there is no wind or dust that moves without knowing it is a very great cost, This is your best study method!

The choleric is of a fiery temperament, very active, practical in his executions. He has a strong will which allows him to be self-sufficient and with an ease to manage independently. The choleric, moreover, lives happily in the midst of activity. For him life is action, is being in the now and it is played on those decisions.

You don't need some news or a motivator to stimulate you he himself is the one who stimulates himself and it makes others move around your ideas, plans, goals and ambitions. You lose when your tasks do not have an exact purpose, because you have a concrete and effective mindset, making useful decisions instantly.

He seldom hesitates under the pressure of others, Rather, he builds defined positions in the face of various situations, and he often appears planning and generating projects that seek to end social injustice or some situation that upsets his entire community.

The emotionality in the choleric is one of his weaknesses if they are not well targeted. Due to his own temperament, he tends not to see the difficulties of others. When there is a fixed purpose, it is difficult for them to perceive the needs or emotions of others, that is, without proper training, they tend to be tyrants in community work.

Always thinking of reaching the top And resting until reaching those heights and beyond is a tremendous challenge, and that is how angry people are: great little leaders who hope to be the spearhead of all projects.

For all these reasons, the study strategies that we can give them must be totally similar to their temperament, because in this way they allow themselves to be recognized and to be able to train from a more personal and personal path.

Now we would like to propose some study strategies or techniques that should be developed for those young people who present these traits:

1. Starting, Plan your own study schedule. For having management skills and high purposes, being able to generate a whole schedule.

2. For each week, generate both main and specific goals for each week. This management must also be projected when generating a plan when working with a specific subject.

3. Prepare conceptual and visual maps, since they are an orderly and easy-to-use scheme for a personality structure that seeks the order and management of all the elements.

4. Sort the content chronologically. Choleric temperaments require structure and a sense for all your work. For this reason, it works to have a plan of the subject and how the subject has developed within the time covered by the evaluation.

5. Prepare planned summaries. The cholerics, if they want to make summaries, it is easy for them to strategically plan these themselves. Let me explain: if you have as an evaluation a book of ten pages for five days, plan the preparation by proposing to create a synthesis of three pages each day, leaving the last day to reread the same summary.

6. Create questions from what you read. The choleric, because they are capable of having a strategic mind, are capable of thinking that it can be evaluated. For this reason, designing what kind of questions they can ask me is a viable strategy. It allows you to focus and master the core of the content.

7. Design a routine for your work moments. Although it is something very basic, it is fundamental for this type of temperament. The cholerics need structure, therefore, it is necessary to create a whole system for them so that they feel that they are dominating the situation.

As you can see, it is always important toAdapt the different strategies according to our own personality. There are others, so it is always necessary to review them and equate them with our own way of being. Let it be our research passion that allows us to discover both ourselves and our ways of acting.

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