Baby names that start with K

Baby names that start with K

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The letter K it is one of the most mysterious consonants for the Romance languages. In fact, in Spanish it is used very little, but it does not lose interest for that. On the contrary, the fact of not having many words in our dictionary that begin with it makes it more attractive. Perhaps this is why many parents seek baby names beginning with K. Is it your case?

At first you may think that baby names that begin with the letter K may be few, but you are or we were very wrong. There are quite a few options that we can find, although yes, most are based on names of Celtic origin and have become popular thanks to famous people from the Hollywood world.

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The English names that sound the most to you

The world of star system It is full of names with the letter K, hence this consonant, which in some languages ​​goes unnoticed, has gained an unexpected role in recent years. And it is that you do not need anything more than to take a look at the Kardashian clan to realize it, but among the famous in Hollywood we have found more ideas. Take good note!

  1. Kaney: An American rapper, his fame is due to his music (he received four Grammys in 2012), but also to his marriage to Kim Kardashian. It is a name of Irish origin, which means battle, hence they are said to be very fighter people.
  2. Karim: Like the French footballer, Karim Benzema. It is a name that, although it is used equally for boys and girls, is more common for men. Of Arabic origin - it appears in the Koran - its translation is kind and generous.
  3. Katia: Cristina Ronaldo's sister bears this name, which is a diminutive of the Russian form Catalina. It has several meanings: pure, chaste, noble, innocent ... If you like, you can put this name in other languages, such as Katie.
  4. Keira: Like the name of the protagonist of 'Pirates of the Caribbean', Keira Knightley. It is a name of Irish origin and arises from the masculine name Ciaran. It means person with dark hair and eyes, so if your little girl is born brunette, you already have a name!
  5. Kendall: They say that they are brave and determined people, and as an example, we have Kendall Jenner, another of the members of the most famous clan in Hollywood. Do you want to know a curiosity that many are unaware of? Kendall is the name of a city in England and, although it is now a woman's and a man's name, it used to be used as a last name.
  6. Kenneth: This name, of Celtic origin and which means beautiful, does not even fit the actor Kenneth Branagh, interpreter of one of the best Hamlets in film history.
  7. Kevin:It is a more classic name, in fact the new generations of young people do not usually carry this name, and instead they do have great movie glories like Kevin Bacon or Kevin Costner. For a long time, sounding very international, many parents chose it for their offspring during the 1980s.
  8. Kim: Short for Kimberly and very popular with new moms, partly due to another member of the Kardashian family, but also actresses like Kim Basinger. As an anecdote we will tell you that in Korean Kim is a surname.
  9. Khoé: She is the younger sister of Kourtney and Kim Kardashian and stepsister of Kendall and Kylie. In Greek mythology, this name was assigned to the goddess of agriculture, also known as Demeter.
  10. Kourtney: She is the eldest daughter of the matriarch of the Karsdashian clan. It is an English name that means from the king's court.
  11. Kristen: We can find it written in different ways, Kristy, Krista, Kristin, and there are countless faces in the cinema that bear this name which means announced or follower of Christ.

Short and simple names for boys and girls with the K

Do you know another reason why parents choose names with this consonant for their babies? Because, in general, they are usually short and simple proposals. Of course, they run the risk that when the little one is older, it will be a bit difficult for them to write it, since these names contain a composition unusual in their language.

  1. Karl: If you like the name Carlos, but consider that it is widely used by other mothers, the English version of this name will enchant you. Its meaning? Free man!
  2. Kat: It is the diminutive of Katherine, a name of French origin, Catheline, pure woman. The women who bear this name are said to be quite talkative and rebellious.
  3. Kate: Without a doubt, one of the fashionable names in the United Kingdom thanks to Kate Middelton, wife of Prince William and Duchess of Cambridge. It means pure and immaculate.
  4. Keith: It can be found written with i or with y. It was originally a Scottish and Irish surname, but it was used so much that it ended up having the category of name. It means forest.
  5. Kelly: The meaning of this name is going to enchant you: fighting woman. If your little girl has been slow to arrive in this world because you had a difficult delivery or because there were problems getting pregnant, this is your name!
  6. Kent: It is a county located to the southeast of England. It does not have a specific translation and it is said that people with this name have a great sense of humor.
  7. Keri: Was your baby born at night or does he have brown hair? We ask you these questions because Keri, a name of Irish origin, means dark, and perhaps all are signs for you to baptize it that way.
  8. Kike: It is the most modern and current form that the name Enrique has taken, a classic in the Middle Ages and one of the most common names in the United Kingdom. It means master of the house or boss.
  9. Kira: This Persian name is very common in the East, especially in Japan, where it means shiny and shiny.
  10. Koke: There are many doubts around this name. Is it a name, a surname or a diminutive? The third option is the most correct, since Koke is the short form of Jorge.
  11. Kurt: Of Germanic origin, it is believed that this name that means bold is the diminutive of Conrado.

Original and different names for newborns

It is clear that all baby names that start with the letter K They are original and different, at least for all the offspring born in Spanish-speaking cultures. If, in addition to this circumstance, we add the fact of opting for one with a special meaning, the choice will be round.

  1. Kala: A name with a lot of history. On the one hand it is said that it comes from India and that it means art, but, on the other hand, there are currents that give it a Hebrew origin. In any case, it is a perfect name for a girl!
  2. Kaleb: It is a biblical name of Hebrew origin. It means dog and, how could it be otherwise, people named like that are very faithful in love and with friends.
  3. Kalexi: A modern name arising from different variations, since Kalexi comes from Alexi, which in turn is an abbreviation for Alexandros, the defender and protector of all.
  4. Kamil: It is related to friendly, outgoing and gifted people with a special vibration. If you want all this for your little one, this Arabic name is undoubtedly your best choice.
  5. Kendra: Of Celtic origin, its translation is champion. It has a ton of variations, all with the letter K, so you can choose: Kendria, Kendrie, Kendri, Kena, or Kenna.
  6. Kenya: Perfect for lovers of the African continent. Kenya means luminous mountain.
  7. Kenzo: More and more Japanese names are a trend, and Kenzo is a clear case. Surely you know more than one mother who has chosen this name for your little one, right? It is very common in countries like France, the United Kingdom, the United States and, above all, Japan.

Name ideas with a very special meaning

Each baby name is special for each father and for each mother, being the most beautiful in the world because it is linked to that little person for whom they would give their entire lives, right? Even so, there are about twenty names that have a common link: they are considered one of the most beautiful because they have an almost magical meaning. Do you want to know what we're talking about?

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The most popular names with the letter K

From Spain, through Greece to Russia or even to India. In our site We have traveled the planet from end to end to make a list of the most popular names that begin with this consonant so that you have a choice. Will your ideal name be on this list of the top ones?

KARENDanishPure, immaculate
KATIARussianPure, immaculate
KEVINIrishBeautiful birth
KOLDOBasqueVictorious warrior
KENNETHScottishWell settled
KARMELEBasqueGarden of god
KARLEnglishStrong man
KARIMArabThe generous
KERRYEnglishKerrie variant
KERMANFrenchFighting man
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