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Choosing a good name for your baby is difficult, but not impossible. And the fact is that there are so many options that sound beautiful that it is difficult to stay with just one. The best strategy to arrive at the ideal name is to discard: 'I met an Ana who was very unfriendly and I don't like that name', 'Rodrigo is too long a name' 'I don't want names that can be shortened'. You are on the right track! Do not miss the baby name guide that we have elaborated in Here we propose some names for boys and girls that begin with the letter A.

Everything you'll find in this guide to names for boys and girls beginning with A.

  • The most used names for boys that begin with A
  • Name ideas for girls that are very popular
  • Long but classy names for boys and girls
  • The most original names for your baby
  • Biblical names for all babies
  • We alphabetize the names with A

Your baby he will carry the name you choose for him for a lifetime, so you must meditate well which one you want. Weigh the different proposals, have an open mind and do not be influenced too much by what people tell you. You, as the father or mother of the little one who is about to be born, have the last word when deciding what you want to call him.

When choosing what that girl or boy who is on the way is going to be called, you must take into account the child's last name. And is that some combinations can lead to misunderstandings or to somewhat humiliating names (Elena Nito or Pere Gil). But, don't worry, because you have new wonderful months to decide on a name. And these options are sure to inspire you. Ahead!

The most traditional names for boys that begin with A

Has the doctor already told you that you are going to have a baby? !! Congratulations!! You can now discard all the names with A that are usually used with girls. If you are looking for a popular or traditional name, you are in the appropriate section. Here we propose many and varied options of names with A for boys whose meaning and sound have enchanted parents around the world.

  1. Adolfo. The origin of this name is German and means 'noble wolf'. Its saints are usually celebrated on June 30.
  2. Adrian. Very common name among the youngest children of Latin origin. It comes from hadrianus, which means 'coming from the Adriatic Sea'.
  3. Agustin. This name became very popular a few decades ago, however, it is becoming increasingly obsolete. It means 'consecrated by the augurs' and its saints in honor of Saint Augustine are celebrated on August 28.
  4. Aitor. Name widely used in Spain, especially in the North, despite its German origin. His saint is celebrated on May 22 and means 'noble father'.
  5. Alan. Of Germanic origin, Alan comes from alun, which means 'harmony and grace'. We cannot forget in relation to this name the Alans, a people that invaded France and Spain in the 5th century.
  6. Alberto. It comes from the German 'illustrious' and its use is very popular in many countries of the world. One of its most important figures is Saint Albert the Great, a very intelligent man. But we also did not forget to mention Albert Einstein.
  7. Alexander. It is a Greek name that means 'the protector'. It is usually shortened like Alex.
  8. Alejo. Name of Greek origin that is a derived form of Alexander. Saint Alexius is one of the most important patrons in Russia.
  9. Alexis. It also comes from Alexander, so its origin is Greek. Its saints are celebrated on February 17.
  10. Alonso. 'Ready for combat' is the meaning of Alonso's name. Its saints are celebrated on October 31, in honor of Santo Alonso Rodríguez.
  11. Alvaro. Saint Álvaro's day is February 19. It is a name of Germanic origin that means 'the protector of all'.
  12. Andrew. Very popular name among children that comes from Greek. Its meaning is related to 'man' and 'courage'. Furthermore, Andrew was one of Jesus' apostles, the first of all the disciples.
  13. Angel. Nice name that has Greek origin and means 'messenger'. It is a name with a lot of tradition that does not lose strength over the years.
  14. Antonio. Name of Etruscan origin that means 'the one who faces his adversaries'. On January 17 San Antonio Abad is celebrated.

Name ideas for girls that are very popular

If, on the contrary, you are going to have a girl, these are the names that will attract your attention the most. Their use is widespread throughout the world, which has made them very popular names. And if so many girls have been called that, it will be for something! They are very beautiful names that carry a great tradition or that have become fashionable in recent years. Take a look at its meaning and origin and decide on one.

  1. Adriana. This is a Latin name whose saints are September 8 or 17. Remember the emperor Hadrian and the saint Adriana of Phrygia, who was a martyr.
  2. Aida. Impossible not to remember Verdi's opera "Aída". Name of Arabic origin that means 'generous' or 'distinguished'.
  3. Agate. Name of Greek origin with a beautiful meaning: 'the kind' or 'the virtuous'. His saints are February 5.
  4. Sunrise. Nice name whose roots are not entirely clear. In any case, it refers to the first light of day.
  5. Alicia. The meaning of Alice is 'true'. Its origin is Greek and its saint is celebrated on June 23, at the beginning of summer.
  6. Anabel. Name of Hebrew origin whose saints are July 26. Know that means? 'Pious' or 'merciful'.
  7. Andrea. In languages ​​like Italian, Andrea is a valid unisex name for boys and girls. It comes from the Greek and means 'brave' or 'brave'.
  8. Ainhoa. Name of Basque origin that means 'the one of the fertile land'.
  9. Aitana. This name is becoming more and more popular with girls. Its origin is also Basque and its saint is celebrated on April 22. It comes from the Basque word that means 'glory'.
  10. Amelia. It has German origin and means 'work' or 'sweet'. Many parents prefer Amalia for their daughters.
  11. Anaís. Beautiful name that means 'blessed by God'. Its origin is Hebrew.
  12. Ariadna. The girls called Ariadna celebrate their saints on September 17. It comes from the Greek and means 'the one that is pure'.
  13. Ariana. Name of Greek origin that has been popularized, among other things, by the famous singer Ariana Grande.

Long but classy names for boys and girls

When choosing a cute baby name, why skimp on letters? If you are looking for names that have a lot of entity, bet on those options with several syllables. Long names are often shortened to shorter nicknames and affectionate that begin to be part of the identity of babies. Looking for ideas? Get inspired by this list.

  1. Alexandra. Derived from Alejandra, a name that comes from the Greek and which means 'the one who keeps the enemy away'. His saints are May 18, a very special date for those who bear this name.
  2. Alfonso. If you know any Alfonso, congratulate them on August 1, as it is celebrated on Saint Alfonso's day. This name is Germanic and means 'ready for combat'.
  3. Alfred. It is a name for boys that comes from the German language. It means 'the peaceful one'.
  4. Angela. On January 4, the saints of this name are celebrated, which has Greek origin and refers to the messengers.
  5. Anselmo. Name that is used less and less but that has a beautiful meaning: 'the one protected by God'. Its origin is German too.
  6. Almudena. Long name for girl meaning 'city' or 'citadel'. It has Arab origin and its saints are on November 9. She is the patron saint of the city of Madrid (Spain).
  7. Anastasia. Name of Greek origin that means 'to get up again'. Impossible to forget about the daughter of the last Russian tsar.
  8. Hasdrubal. Very original name that is less and less frequent that means 'the protected of God'. Its origin is nothing more and nothing less than Carthaginian.
  9. Araceli. Latin name meaning 'altar of heaven'. His saints are May 2, a date marked on the calendar of all those who bear this beautiful name that begins with A.
  10. Armando. Name of German origin that means 'strong man'.
  11. Sagebrush. This name refers to the goddess of hunting according to Greek mythology. Its meaning is 'perfectly and eternally young'.
  12. Arthur. Name of Greek origin that means 'protective bear' or 'noble'. We remember King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table.
  13. Aurelio. On November 18 Santo Aurelio is celebrated, a name that was very popular but is gradually being lost. It means 'golden'.
  14. Dawn. Latin name that means 'dawn' or 'place where the sun rises'.
  15. Azucena. Cute name for girls that refers to the lily flower.

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The most original names for your baby

All parents want our children to be special ... Why not start by giving them a name that is unique? Below we have compiled some ideas that are very original and that will make your baby less likely to meet namesakes in nursery and college.

  1. Adam. Name widely used in the United Kingdom that corresponds to Adam, a name of Hebrew origin.
  2. April. Fourth month of the year and an increasingly popular name among girls. Its sound and pronunciation are very pleasant and elegant.
  3. Acacia. Name used to call a beautiful plant with a generally yellow or white flower.
  4. Adara. Name of Hebrew origin that means 'noble'.
  5. Africa. It is an increasingly popular nickname among girls around the world. And it sounds very exotic and beautiful.
  6. Agoney. It is a name of Canarian origin, that is, from one of the archipelago of islands in Spain. It was the name of a very popular warrior.
  7. Alana. It is possible that the name Alana refers to the people of the Alans, who were in Spain and France.
  8. Aldo. Short name for boys that comes from the German language and means 'old'.
  9. Soul. Nice name with a very special meaning. It refers to our most spiritual part.
  10. Altair. Name in honor of the star that shines brightest in the constellation of The Eagle.
  11. Amadeo. It is a name that is being lost but whose meaning is very special: 'he who loves God'.
  12. Amaia. Amaia or Amaya is a popular name of Basque origin that means 'end'.
  13. Alyssa. This name is often written as Alisa or Alissa. It comes from the name of the Alyssum flower.
  14. Hannibal. This name has Phoenician origin and its saints are April 15. It means 'grace of Baal'.
  15. Antía. The saint of this name is April 18. It means 'head on'. We are left with the figure of Saint Antía, who was a martyr from the second century.
  16. Achilles. Name of Greek origin that means 'the one without lips'. Achilles was a very strong Greek mythology hero who was only vulnerable on his heel.
  17. Ariel. Unisex name that is of Hebrew origin. It means 'lion of God'.
  18. Arnau. Catalan name that corresponds to Arnaldo. It means 'eagle' and 'governor'.
  19. Astrid. It has Nordic origin and means 'goddess of beauty'. The figure of Princess Astrid of Norway stands out.
  20. Axel. It is a Scandinavian name that means 'ax'.
  21. Blue. Very original name for a girl that refers to one of the favorite colors of

Did you know that the daughter of soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo and dancer Georgina Rodríguez is called Alana? More specifically, Alana Martina.

Biblical names for all babies

Many parents look for names of biblical or Christian tradition for their children. In most cases, these are names that are of Hebrew or Jewish origin and their meaning is usually related to religion. Among these names there are options as popular and widespread throughout the world as Jesús, José or María. If you are looking for Biblical names that start with A, take a look at the options below.

  1. Aaron. The origin of this name is Egyptian and means 'light' or 'enlightened'.
  2. Abel. This name is Hebrew and means 'breath of the father'. The date of his saints is December 28.
  3. Abelard. The day of Saint Abelard is February 9 and its origin could be a mixture of Hebrew and Germanic.
  4. Absalon. Rare name but with a lot of intensity that appeared in the Bible. It means 'father is peace'.
  5. Abraham. Abraham or Abram was the first patriarch, from whom the monotheistic religions come.
  6. Adam. According to Genesis, Adam was the first human, made in the image and likeness of God.
  7. Adela. German name meaning 'fairness'. It is perfect for parents who want their daughters to have a name related to Christianity.
  8. Adelaide. 'Of noble origin', this is the meaning of this name of German origin.
  9. Águeda. It is a name of Greek origin that means 'the one who is good'. It is a derived form of Agate.
  10. Albina. It is a name of Latin origin that means 'white'. Saint Albina stands out, an Italian woman who was martyred in the 3rd century.
  11. Amaro. The saints of San Amaro on May 10. A name of Latin origin that means 'the one with brown skin'.
  12. Ambrosio. Name that is being lost and that means 'immortal'. To find its origin you have to go back to Greek times.
  13. Ana. The grandmother of Jesus is called Ana, a name of Hebrew origin that means 'merciful'.
  14. Anselmo. Saint Anselm's Day is March 18 and it is a German name that means 'protected by God'.

We alphabetize the names with A

So that you have a little more orderly all the previous names, and to make it easier for you to find their meaning and origin at a single glance, we have put them in a table in alphabetical order. We have compiled some of the more traditional names that begin with the letter A, for both boys and girls. Will the name you are looking for your baby be among these options? Look!

ABIGAÍLHebrewSource of joy
ABRAHAMHebrewSuperior parent
ADALBERTOGermanoThat shines nobly
ADAMHebrewMan of the earth
ADELAGermanoOf noble birth
ADELAIDAGermanoOf noble birth
ADELINAGermanoOf noble birth
ADOLFOGermanoWolf, noble
ADRIANLatinFrom the Adriatic Sea
AGATEGreekGood, friendly
ÁGUEDAGreekGood, friendly
AGUSTINLatinPertaining to August
ALANGermanoFrom the tribe of the Alans
TO THE BATHROOMLatinWhite, pure, luminous
ALBERTOGermanoThat shines with nobility
ALCIRAArabNatural of Algeciras
ALEXANDERGreekProtector of men
ALEXANDRAGreekProtector of men
AwayGermanoCast the evil
AlinaGermanoNoble friend
ALMUDENAArabThe city
AMADEOLatinWho loves God
AMANDALatinWorthy of love
AMARANTHGreekEternal flower
AMAYABasqueBeginning of the end
We loveHebrewLoad
AMBROSIUMGreekImmortal, divine
AMELIAGermanoBusy, energetic
AMIRAArabThe princess
ANACLETOGreekThat invokes help
ANDERBasqueFrom the Greek andros
ANGEL / AGreekMessenger0
AngelsGreekGood, pure
ANIBALPhoenicianGrace of Baal
ANGUISHESLatinNarrow, difficult
ANSELMGermanoLord Warrior
ANTONIOLatinWorthy of praise
ANTONIALatinWorthy of praise
ANTONIETALatinFlower full of grace
APOLLOGreekGod of the sun
ACHILLESGreekComfort in pain
AQUILINELatinLike the eagle
ARACELILatinAltar of Heaven
ARCHIBALDOGermanoVery valiant
ARIADNAGreekOf sweet song
ARIELHebrewLion of God
ARISTIDESGreekSon of the best
ARMINGGermanoHost leader
ARNOLDOGermanoStrong as an eagle
ARTHURCelticTall, noble
AUXILIATORLatinThat helps in difficult situations
AXELGermanoReward from heaven
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